Sarnia Journal Q&A

Interviewed recently by Sarnia Journal for the upcoming election.  Here are their questions along with my answers. Original Link to Sarnia Journal here.   MIKE BRADLEY Mike Bradley has been Sarnia’s mayor for 30 years and is seeking a 10th term. He is Ontario’s second longest serving mayor. When elected in 1988 he became the youngest mayor in the city’s history. He has chaired a long list of committees and boards, including the Sarnia-Lambton’s Economic Partnership and Police Services Board. In recent years, he has earned accolades from across Ontario for his accessibility advocacy. Over the past term, two separate reports concluded he had harassed and bullied senior city staff. Council docked his pay and urged him to take training on [...]

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Sarnia District Labour Council Q & A

At the Sarnia and District Labour Council, we believe our city requires a forward looking City Council, focused on building Sarnia, not focused on the past. How will you ensure Sarnia isn’t held back by the past? 1.        Always look forward with an   election to   being a time of renewal, new ideas, new visions  and to reinvent government.  Will not have a rear view mirror approach  to look at the past but will use it  to guide major changes on Council and City Hall in the next four years.  No matter what the challenges ahead will continue to provide full time leadership working with Council, Business, Labour and First Nation’s to build the “New Sarnia.” The message to [...]

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Into The City: Interview With Katie Horvath

Katie Horvath of Vocalize Sarnia took on the daunting task of interviewing every candidate running for city/county/mayoral positions.  I applaud her efforts and her grass roots approach to covering politics.  It has been great to see so many engaged voters of all ages for this election. The interview links below are edited by each question asked.  Please click on the picture to watch the video.  

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Facebook Q & A: Sarnia Elections

Was recently asked questions from a grassroots facebook page asking all candidates questions. You can visit the facebook page here: 1.       What do you think is the most pressing issue facing Sarnia-Lambton in the next four years?  A: Issues shift throughout a council term.   New ones appear, old ones disappear and some remain.   Key issues  are many and their priority will rise or fall depending on the community’s needs and external factors.   The basics of open, accountable government with reasonable restraint and reinvestment in our physical and human infrastructure have always been the basic foundations of my political philosophy.   Continuing to deal with the addiction and affordable housing issues in the community  is a goal that plan to [...]

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