Facebook Q & A: Sarnia Elections

//Facebook Q & A: Sarnia Elections

Facebook Q & A: Sarnia Elections

Was recently asked questions from a grassroots facebook page asking all candidates questions.

You can visit the facebook page here:


1.       What do you think is the most pressing issue facing Sarnia-Lambton in the next four years?

 A: Issues shift throughout a council term.   New ones appear, old ones disappear and some remain.   Key issues  are many and their priority will rise or fall depending on the community’s needs and external factors.   The basics of open, accountable government with reasonable restraint and reinvestment in our physical and human infrastructure have always been the basic foundations of my political philosophy.   Continuing to deal with the addiction and affordable housing issues in the community  is a goal that plan to address along with structural issues like attracting newcomers and meeting the skills needs of now and the future are long term issues.   Much work has been done on all these issues but more needs to be done to address those needs.

2.       What are the key initiatives that you might propose to help us solve this issue?

A:  On addiction issues have been the champion for years for the detox/withdrawal management facility which appears to be  close to a final announcement.   Have been quietly working for the last years with professionals in the community on the addiction issues and those initiatives that  will be become public soon.   As long time past Chair of the Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership and the Research Park Board along with other groups that lead have been listening and collaborating with many people to deal with the issues outlined from newcomer attraction to skills training to future job growth.


3.       What in your own personal experience has prepared you the most to be part of this solution?

A: Have for 30 years been a leader, sometimes a cheerleader sometimes a spear carrier in providing the leadership and working and listening to many other people and groups.  Have learned a lot can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.

Helen Keller’s words have always been a guiding philosophy.  “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

The Bonus Question:
We are currently in a global crisis, with a media-worthy lack of competent political leadership. Here at home, over the past four years in Sarnia, we have also seen our share of political turmoil. If you are re-elected, how do you think you might help positively influence this negative trend?

A: People are cynical about politics and politicians.   A well deserved “honour”   I am tried, tested and true to the people of Sarnia.  While they may disagree my  stands on issues they have always respected my integrity, judgement and work for the people of Sarnia.    I always look to every election as a time of renewal, new ideas, new visions, and to reinvent government.  Will not have a rear view mirror approach to the next Council but will use the past to guide major changes at Sarnia City Hall.  No matter what the challenges ahead will continue to provide full time leadership working with Council, Business, Labour, First Nations and others.

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